>Interview with Handsome Jimmy Valiant


Terrence: Tell me about yourself, your family, and your wrestling camp.

Jimmy Valiant: T-Bone I started wrestling in 1964. I wrestled in over 10,000 matches and drove over 4 million miles on US highways to get to those matches, so you can imagine I had a pretty exciting career. Of course, I wrote my autobiography called “Woo…Mercy Daddy!” its 566 pages long and the book is a hardback and weighs three pounds. I tell people to buy two of the books and put one on each end and work out with them. I have the wrestling camp here, something that my wife Angel and I founded in 1992 and this is the 18th year. This is something that I gave back to my students and the fans over the years to make their dreams of becoming a wrestler come true. I have already lived my life out and with quite a career. Now it’s their turn to let their turn. You can check all of that out at http://www.jimmyvaliant.com. Boogies Wrestling Camp Hall of Fame Museum is open 52 Sundays a year from 12 to 4pm. Everybody’s welcome there is no charge once you get here T-Bone. I want to personally invite you and all the people from Arkansas to come be my guest any Sunday and spend all day with us. You will have access to any building in the camp. You can visit the museum and watch my students wrestling. Everything is free once you get here. This is how I and Angel gave back.

Terrence: Everybody, including myself, is probably wondering how you got the nicknames of “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant and “The Boogie Woogie Man”

Jimmy Valiant: Well I was born handsome and hit the floor Boogie Woogie man. When I started wrestling my first mentors was one of the Volkoff’s, the original Volkoff. They named me Jimmy Valentine and I used that some at the beginning from California. They built me from Los Angeles and Hollywood. Then I went to Detroit and they built me a Big Jim Valen and then I went to Oklahoma and Minnesota and called me Jimmy “The Body” Valen and St. Louis and he called me the same. I was called the body before Jesse Ventura. Finally in the late 60’s I went into Dallas, TX and when I got there Johnny Valentine and Von Erich. They told me that Jimmy Valentine was too close to Johnny Valentine. They then told me that my new name was Handsome Jimmy Valiant. The first day I came in and within two minutes they gave me my new name. This was like in 1969. That name stuck with me the rest of my career. Once they sent me to New York with Vince McMahon Sr. in 1970 and I went over and that was my big break. That name stuck and then 1980 or 1981 I went into Mid-Atlantic fro Jim Crockett and there were a lot of pretty boy blond types. Rick Flair was there. I was then changed that all around and threw my razor and let my beard grow out and was the first to come out to music for that promotion. Man I started going down the aisle kissing and hugging everyone and that is when I started calling myself the Boogie Woogie Man. I actually reinvented myself. I had two different careers one as the bad guy and one as the good guy.

Terrence: Tell me about you career in Memphis. I know that you had a career there in Memphis for a time. Tell me about that.

Jimmy Valiant: You bet brother, T-bone I went into Memphis and Nashville in the 60’s. When I did go in 1977 it was in August just two weeks before Elvis died. I locked horns with King Fish Jerry Lawler I sold out the Memphis Coliseum for 6 months. I usually go back for legends shows but that has been going on for like 30 years. So I was King whenever Lawler broke his leg at one point there and he was out for a year and I was the head man until he got back on his feet. There were stars there like Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler, Austin Idol, Dutch Mantel, and Kojo. It was a great territory.

Terrence: What was your most memorable match in your career?

Jimmy Valiant: There really isn’t a match that sticks out because I was very fortunate to work with all the world champions to Bruno Samartino, Harley Race, and Jerry Lawler. Me and Jerry “The King” Lawler were tag team champions in the WWWF and held them for over a year in New York and worked with all of the greatest tag teams. I had big feuds with Ivan Koloff, Paul Jones and his Army, which consisted of Superstar Billy Graham and Abdula the Butcher. You every match was the match of my life going on.

Terrence: You know it is honorable to be inducted into a Hall of Fame in a independent promotion, but what was your reaction to finding out that you were being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Jimmy Valiant: That was incredible it was the icing on the cake, you know. I just wanted to be the goodwill ambassador for professional wrestling. That did it for me and I just want this to help my wrestling camp and help other kid’s dreams come true. You can all the awards including the WWE Hall of Fame in the Hall of Fame building at Boogie’s Wrestling Camp. Just this year they (WWE) come out with the Hall of Fame rings which I wear to my book signings and outings that I go to. It has the logo and the date we were inducted, it’s like our “Super-Bowl” ring.

Terrence: What was your reaction when ASWF Wrestling wanted to name their new building after you, calling it the Valiant Arena?

Jimmy Valiant: I was honored. You know Rickey Rowland and his mom were really great people. In my book I mention both of them, it has a great story. You have to check it out. When they asked if they could do this and I said sure I would be honored and they are doing it right. It’s just a great place for people to go and see matches weekly like it was preserving the old territories. There are not too many organizations doing this and they are bringing it back. I was just really honored.

Terrence: I understand that you are currently retired from wrestling. Are you enjoying your retirement?

Jimmy Valiant: Yeah, It’s great. I have plenty of time to do charity work and my wrestling camp. You can check my MySpace.com account and see where I’m going. I’m not lacing my boots but I will special guest referee and stuff like that. T-Bone what I do now is just maintain BWC Compound. It is only open for two hours on Sunday’s.

Terrence: Wrestling has been a big part of your career, if you didn’t choose wrestling as your career what path would you have chosen?

Jimmy Valiant: I probably would have chosen body building. Its good clean living and I’m not saying I lived the cleanest life but I started out that way and I am ending up that way. I talk about all that about in my book about all what I went through.

Terrence: Since retirement do you miss getting into the ring and wrestling? I know that you have expressed through this interview that you love wrestling and I understand that totally otherwise I wouldn’t be in it. It’s fun and entertaining and brings a smile to the fans faces.

Jimmy Valiant: Not really, I am constantly around it with my wrestling camp and I look the kid’s faces and they tell me “Boogie I just love it here.” I have been doing this 18 years and I can relive it through them. I will say this in closing that next year in 2010 I am going lace up my boots one more time, I am not coming out of retirement, but it’s a personal record to me. In 2010 I will have wrestled in six decades. I wrestled in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000 and then 2010 and that will make six decades.

Terrence: Well in closing is there anything that you would like to add before we conclude this interview.

Jimmy Valiant: I just want to Ricky and his mom and all the boys there in Arkansas that Handsome Jimmy loves you all and I am so proud of everyone there and the Valiant Arena.; Ricky brings me down every one or two years. And T-Bone if there is anything that I can do for you or the people of Arkansas just email me at jimmyvaliant.com. Be sure check out my website.

Handsome Jimmy Valiant was probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He has truley made his mark in proffessional wrestling. If you would like to purchase “Woo…Mercy Daddy!” go to www.jimmyvaliant.com to find our how you own this biography on the WWE Hall of Famer. I would like to thank Handsome Jimmy for allowing me to do this interview and hope that younger and older audiances alike continue to carry on the sport of proffessional wrestling.

T-Bone Terrence Ward


About Terrence Ward

I began my career in professional wrestling 2006 as a cameraman. I would pay my dues setting up rings, cleaning up after shows, and setting up anything and everything. Here we are in this present time and I am an Multi-Time Announcer of the Year with great relationships with pro-wrestlers across the nation. I strive for success and provide my opinion to help those who need it.

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