The T-Bone Effect: Issue 12

It’s been a couple of months since my last blog post here on the T-Bone Effect. The truth is, it has been a hard year. August was the one year anniversary of the death of Jeremy Wood, my former announce partner, who’s life was taken too soon. I along with my Law Enforcement family saw the passing of a friend, father, brother, and co-worker, Deputy Sam Burton. I will be dedicating this blog to those two special individuals.

Today I will be shining a little light on Guy Smith, professional wrestler, who works all over the great state of Illinois and made an impact here in Arkansas. He is one heck of a professional and worker in the ring and out of the ring.

The story of Guy Smith begins in Springfield, IL in 1981. He grew up in a poor, single parent household but his mother did everything she could to give him and his little brother the things they needed. Without her love and support, none of what you’re about to read would be possible and he would not be the man nor the wrestler he is today. Guy Smith really got into wrestling in high school, during the WWE’s “Attitude Era”. He had watched it with friends off and on throughout his childhood but it was not until then that he really became a fan.

The year after he graduated high school he took a missions trip to Canada for springbreak. They were driving from Lincoln, IL to Montreal, which was a 14 hour trip. He purchased a W.O.W. Magazine (now out of print) to read on the drive and in it was an article on Windy City Pro Wrestling and more importantly their school. It was the first time he had given any real thought to getting into wrestling or how that even happened but the idea captured him almost immediately. He looked into joining WCPW but unfortunately it was considerably out of my price range. However when he returned home Smith found a much smaller and more importantly much cheaper school had opened in his home town of Springfield. Guy started training with New Midwest Wrestling in 2001 and found that as much as he loved watching wrestling, it could not compare to his love for being in the ring. He poured myself into learning everything that he could about the business, Smith  studied tape, watching every bit of wrestling he could get his hands on, he read whatever he could find to read and on training nights he was the first one there and the last one to leave. Smith can say that he took very naturally to wrestling, picking up the basics relatively easily, despite having almost no athletic background. However he still dedicated his wholly to this business. It sounds cliche but he did eat, sleep and live professional wrestling during that period.

Guy Smith’s dedication paid off as he quickly ascended the ranks in NMW, and in 2003 he won the NMW Championship. Smith would go on to be a consistent main-eventer for the next 2 to 3 years, losing and regaining twice the title during0that period. In 2005 he began to feel his career and my professional drive beginning to grow somewhat stagnant. Guy knew he had to challenge myself and branch out in new directions, so he moved to Eldon, MO and trained under wrestling legend Harley Race. He would spent 6 months learning from one of the greatest wrestlers in history and it was a great experience; He was able to refine hisin ring style and add several key aspects that elevated his game over all. However despite all positives of that experience, being a member of World League Wrestling was not a great environment to further his (or anyone else’s) career. After a great deal of prayer he felt lead to return home and after six hectic months in Eldon, MO he returned to the central Illinois region.

Though Smith did return to NMW at that time, his focus was on branching out across central Illinois and making a name for himself in other promotions. He quickly found that every promotion already had a bank of singles stars and found it difficult to get regular work in a lot of places. After giving it some thought he realized that while every promotion was over loaded with established singles competitors there was a pronounced lack of solid tag teams. So after some scouting he aligned myself with “the Spotlight” Spencer Powers and they formed the tag team Attitude Inc. Before long they were able to make an impact on the central Illinois tag team scene, winning championships and even being named tag team of the year by more than one fan-run organization.

In December 2010 an alliance of promoters calling themselves the Heritage Wrestling Coalition offered him a spot in a battle royal with a shot at their regional/traveling champion Donovan Ruddick. He won the battle royal on December 4th and that very night faced and defeated the Heritage Wrestling Champion! It was a great moment in his career and was basically the ultimate culmination of my rejuvenation in this business. Since then he has gone onto defend the HWC Championship all across Illinois and have more recently brought the title to the Arkansas wrestling scene. He is also currently the co-holder of the NMW Tag Team Championship with Spencer Powers and continuing to defend those titles in Illinois. He is in the best shape of his wrestling career with as much drive as ever and things only seem to be getting better for Guy Smith. Guy’s ever present goal is to bring the same drive and success to the grand stage of WWE and he has every intention of attaining that dream sooner than later!

Guy Smith proved himself as a great competitor, athlete, and entertainer at NEW’s Tapout’s & Knockouts which will be available FREE to everyone at Go there to view the newest inductee to the Unsigned Wall of Greatness and UWG Member All That Alan Steele battle it out for the Heritage Championship.

About Terrence Ward

I began my career in professional wrestling 2006 as a cameraman. I would pay my dues setting up rings, cleaning up after shows, and setting up anything and everything. Here we are in this present time and I am an Multi-Time Announcer of the Year with great relationships with pro-wrestlers across the nation. I strive for success and provide my opinion to help those who need it.

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