The T-Bone Effect: Issue 15 (Nightmare on Beale St)

Welcome back to this Issue 15 of the T-Bone Effect, and what a weekend it has been. I was informed along with the rest of the wrestling area November 4th that New Experience Wrestling would be placing their weekly TV taping on hold until the move is complete and the location revealed. This will be an exciting chapter for the history of N.E.W. and its crew. Through its time as a promotion it has went through some changes and here is a look back at the changes N.E.W. over the next couple of months until a new home for N.E.W. has been found. This issue will take a look and what changes have come from the Commentators Desk and the Nightmare on Beale St.

From Left to Right: John Steele, Downtown Bruno, & Brian Thompson

From its first episode Commentators John Steele and Brian Thompson would welcome the crowd to the beginning of a new chapter in Mid-South Wrestling.  Thompson would leave N.E.W. and be replaced with fill-ins such as Michael Ward until your truly was selected to fill the big shoes of multi-award winning commentator Brian Thompson. The commentary desk would stay the same for a couple of years until the resignation of John Steele who would not be replaced for a couple of weeks. N.E.W. management would place Memphis Wrestling legend and WWE Employee Downtown Bruno. Bruno and I would go on to host the first iPPV for the company, Boiling Point and so far have become the staple voices for N.E.W. Wrestling.

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Speaking about this weekend I was invited by Mid-South Wrestling Promoter and one of my closest friends Betty Butler, to TFW on Beale Street in Memphis, TN. We were not there to try and get booked on the show or try to flaunt around as if we owned the place. I was glad to see some of my friends I haven’t seen in a while such as Bobby Eaton, Brian Thompson, D-Rock and Tia from, Photographer John Herrada, and Larry Russell and his wife. The night appeared to begin on a good note surrounded by great people. Now I have never heard of TFW or most of the people on the card. I will say that there were around 75 people from what I could guess in the crowd, not real sure on an exact number.

I won’t go into detail about the matches or the card; I will leave that for D-Rock. I will say that a Mississippi Promoter was escorted from the building after being recognized by TFW management. From what I understood from an unnamed source the promoter was being removed for trying to “steal talent”. I couldn’t recognize a lot of talent that I would personally book if I was a promoter, but that is another story. So the matches were not worth the 20 dollars that we were charged to see. As a matter of fact the only match I really cared for was Eric Wayne and Dell Tucker VS Austin Lane and Derrick King. A lot of talking and working the crowd but it was entertaining.

Now here comes the fun part. A male subject was apparently intoxicated and began causing a scene and fighting with security. So I went out side to see if they would need any assistance with the drunk and disorderly man. When I stepped outside I saw the intoxicated male laying on the sidewalk in front of the building. I was then approached by a “security guard” who told me to go back inside as if he were a police officer. I told him that first of all it was a public sidewalk and if I wanted to stand out here I would, and second of all I was a Deputy Sheriff and again if I wanted to stand here I would. Now I would have never thrown up being a police officer if the guard wouldn’t have been a prick or had been a police officer himself giving a LAWFUL COMMAND.

He stated that since I didn’t want to go back inside like he “told” me to do I could stay out and couldn’t go back inside. I will censor a lot of what I said because I am really trying not to curse as much anymore. I told the guard that he better get someone out here now, he wasn’t going to throw me out after paying for a 20 dollar “VIP” ticket. I then called a worker who was on the card that night and informed him on what was going on and what the security guard had done. He began talking to someone in the background about getting this lined out. During our conversation the redneck security guard/rent a cop called me back inside. He would try apologizing saying that he didn’t know I was cop. I told him twice that I stated I was to which he argued and stated that I never said that so finally just told him to go on with it. He then told me I could come back in if I wanted to.

Now I could give a rat’s ass if I could go back in to watch the show, because it wasn’t entertaining at all. It was so bad that after Eric Wayne’s match he would go on to do a shoot promo about how awful the matches were before him and how awful most of the workers are.  Wait, instead of me telling you about it how about you watch it instead. Here is the clip courtesy of

The announcing and ring announcer were awful and put that together with the bad wrestling Brian Thompson and myself were entertaining ourselves by doing our own commentary. That began when one of the workers came out to WWE’s RAW theme song.  Now I know I’m bad mouthing the whole show but there were some good workers on the card just paired up with some not so good workers. So you put that all together and it was a pretty rough night that I will say I will never forget. Because of the unprofessional-ism of TFW management I will never return to another one of their shows or to The New Daisy, for a long time as long as this promotion is in the same building.

Well now that all that has been said, that pretty much sums it up for this issue of The T-Bone Effect. Come back the last Friday of December as I plan to induct the final UWG Inductee for 2011. Have you felt the Effect?


About Terrence Ward

I began my career in professional wrestling 2006 as a cameraman. I would pay my dues setting up rings, cleaning up after shows, and setting up anything and everything. Here we are in this present time and I am an Multi-Time Announcer of the Year with great relationships with pro-wrestlers across the nation. I strive for success and provide my opinion to help those who need it.

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  1. my name is bb i just read you comment about the show. im sorry you got treat wrong but just because some of the people in the company left a bad tasted in your mouth dont mean everyone in this company is like that i would love to know what you thought of mine and nikki lane match and i will to take whatever you have to say

    • B.B.

      I am not a big fan of women’s wrestling to begin with, so its hard for me to watch a women’s match. In your match I did not feel the energy or smoothness that should have been there. There were a couple of times that you two appeared to be lost. Not for sure who’s fault that may have been. I also noticed a lack of in ring psychology between you to as if you two had not totally knew what you were going to do on the match.

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