The T-Bone Effect: Issue 17 (Jobbers Wanted)

I watched the Royal Rumble this year. I remember seeing Santino Marella coming in to a huge ovation and it started to make me wonder. The man is a former WWE tag-team champion and a former two time intercontinental champion. However now is mainly a comedic performer and a jobber. There is nothing wrong with that. Whenever Santino vs Foley happened in the Royal Rumble, Mr.Socko vs The Cobra, that is easily one of my favorite memories of wrestling.

WWE doesn’t really use many jobbers anymore. However I do feel they can make their jobbers characters and make them more meaningful. For wrestling fans who do not know what “jobbers” are, they are actually quite important in my opinion. Back in the day(80s and 90s) jobbers were local indy wrestlers. It was great because they could get their name out there and it made their opponents look unstoppable. Now it would be nice to see some local guys come back but it probably won’t happen.

Let’s look at Yoshi Tatsu. He is a high flyer. Fans love high flyers. Yoshi Tatsu can take on a guy like Brodus Clay. Yoshi Tatsu is 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds. Brodus Clay is 6 foot 7 and about 350 pounds. Yoshi can at first use his quickness and try to hit some quick moves. It won’t work due to trying to make Brodus look unstoppable. Brodus hits a few moves and Yoshi can try to make a comeback and go high risk but it won’t pay off. Brodus then can hit 4 big moves and a finisher.Match is over.

You get about 5 minutes of good action, you include entrances and celebration, you get about a 10 minutes time slot on your show. You can switch this around because the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is Daniel Bryan who is maybe 5 foot 9 and weighs maybe 200 pounds. He can have a big guy jobber for example Jack Swagger who is about 6 foot 6 and weighs 265 pounds.

There is one problem with wrestlers and jobbing. They let their pride gets in the way. If some of them will just embrace their role they could really get over with the fans. Santino Marella is the perfect example of what a jobber should be. He is one of my favorite people in WWE because I’ve never seen a boring segment with him. Jobbers are very important in wrestling in my opinion and they deserve as much praise as anyone else.



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  1. Well I think Jobbers are very important and it is a job (no pun intended) that has been in the wrestling business for years now. Somebody has got to lose and somebody has to shine. I would not look at being a jobber as a bad thing if working for the WWE. Atleast you are under contract and getting TV time. It just depends on what your goals are!

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