The T-Bone Effect: Issue 19 (Who’s the BEST #2)

Last week when I became a writer for this site I was thinking about, “Who are the BEST workers or Who is the BEST in ring Performer or Who is the MOST Hated”…….. Well So I decided to ask 40 mid-south workers their opinions on who THEY though the Best of the Best was……. NOW this is different than other wrestling sites and when a worker gets an award mainly because these votes came ONLY from WORKERS/WRESTLERS of the Mid-South not fans so this is NOT a fan based popularity contest this is a WORKER based opinion.  I am not posting ANYTHING to get heat so do NOT be upset if your name is on these lists or if your name is NOT on these lists.  SOOOOO LETS SEE WHAT THE WRESTLERS THINK!

I am only going to post the TOP 4 of each question.  (Because I asked SOOO many workers I got a ton of different answers.  I added up the responses and here are the answers)

The Best All Around Worker:

1.  Austin Lane

2.  Derrick King

3.  Alan Steel

4.  Rodney Mack

The Top In Ring Performers:

1.  Derrick King

2.  Austin Lane

3.  Lucky

4.  Alan Steel

Favorite Worker:

1.  Killer Nikels

2.  Austin Lane

3.  Reno Diamond

4.  Alan Steel

Best Dressed In Ring:

1.  Wild Bill

2.  Jon Alan

3.  Tatt2

4.  Chris Stryker

Best Dressed Out of Ring:

1.  Dustin Starr

2.  Austin Lane

3.  Matt Riviera

4.  Frank Martin

Best on the Mic:

1.  Killer Nikels

2.  Dustin Starr

3.  Golden Boy

4.  Austin Lane

Best Gimmick:

1.  Killer Nikels  (BY A LANDSLIDE)

2.  Asylum

3.  Sexy Rex (lol)

4.  Team VD

Best Move Set:

1.  Austin Lane

2.  Jon Alan

3.  Tatt2

4.  Eric Wayne

Best Finisher:

1.  Kid Krazzy

2.  Alan Steel

3.  DaCobra

4.  Mike Anthony

Best Promotion:

1.  TCW

2.  NEW

3.  MOW

4.  RWA


1.  Eric Wayne

2.  Wild Bill

3.  Brian Christopher

4.  People who wear jeans or shorts while wrestling/people with terrible wrestling gear!

Most ANNOYING Worker:

1.  Moe Stegall

2.  Demon X

3.  Precious

4.  Wild Bill

Wrestler that people DO NOT WANT TO WORK:

1.  Demon X

2.  Eric Wayne

3.  99% of the IWA Roster

4.  The Enforcer

Now that was the polls results by 40 workers and I apologize now if I misspelled someones name and I would like to see your comments!  Thanks and I wish you all well!  By the way on a POSITIVE NOTE KILLER NIKELS ruled the POLLS!  Kevin I hope you know that you got a TON of respect from everyone in the area!

“The Stryking Image” Chris Stryker


About tsichrisstryker

My name is James Wood and I am 25 years old. I am a father, actor, Professional Wrestler, and now a BLOGGER! I have been wrestling for about 8 years total and I work under the name "The Stryking Image" Chris Stryker. My influences in wrestling have been Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and The British Bulldog (Davey). I love to do lots of things including acting, playing music, gaming, and of course anything to do with wrestling! I am a HUGE Arkansas Razorback Fan and my blood is literally Hog Positive! Welcome and Thanks for reading my Blog!

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  1. The Killer on the prowl. Look out wrestling world! Way to go Nikels!

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