The T-Bone Effect: Issue 20



This month has been great for The T-Bone Effect as I’ve added three new writers to the site, made some cosmetic updates to the site, and made it a .com site. So things at the site have picked up. I’m going to share a little bit of why I’ve added these three writers.

I have actually hosted a few special guest columns on this site to which current writer Frank Martin, Austin Lane, and Downtown Bruno. My first guest writer, now permanent writer, Frank Martin, has been a presence in the Mid-South Wrestling scene for over 30 years. This man has done just about anything and everything in the business from commentary to promoting.

His vast array of knowledge has proved useful in his venture with the Royal Wrestling Alliance. Frank is very passionate about our business and wants the best for all of us. However, just like me he understands that a majority of workers do not treat this a a business. That is why I chose him, as a book of knowledge in hopes that, you the readers, will use it to further your knowledge and understanding of this business. If you ever want his opinion on something email him at

The second writer I approached, who has never previously wrote for a website, was Chris Stryker. Chris has met some of the businesses best minds, taking in their wisdom and experience to better himself. He offers the perspective of an Indy wrestler and shares a deep passion for this business as well. Chris, like me, has often spoken his mind and gotten scolded for it. Even if we were right. Want to hear Chris’s opinion on a topic, email him at

My third writer for The T-Bone Effect is a guy I met who’s recently broke into the business. Sam Halfacre began his wrestling career as a ringside announcer at an Indy promotion in NE Arkansas. He even co-hosted an episode of NEW Wrestling with me last year. Sam offers a different perspective on this business with fresh ideas and views. Sam shows a huge passion in everything he does. Sam has a lot of ideas and views to bring to the table and if you want to get his opinion, email him at

Thanks for taking the time to visit us here at The T-Bone Effect, we hope that you will feel the effect after each article. We will be revealing our first ever Hall of Fame member this Saturday and will have three inducted on one article this summer. Until next time…



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