The T-Bone Effect: Issue 21 (So You Want To Be Big Time?)

So you want to be big time? Here Are Some Hints How!

One question that was asked by just about every worker that worked for the wrestling company I owned the RWA, is the same question that’s asked by just about every worker in the business. How can I get a shot at TNA or WWE or even Ring of Honor? Now keep in mind I had two former WWE superstars working for me and booking the show. So naturally that question came up and they were always asking these two for help. The two superstars that worked for me for a year and a half was Rodney Mack and Jazz. They both would answer the workers and give them honest answers, they would tell them what to work on and what the WWE would look for. And yet only a couple actually tried to do what it would take to get that shot. Not only did Rodney and Jazz give them advise they also would train them in the ring. They would tell them what they needed to work on to get better, they would tell them what they could expect working for a company like the WWE. But yet most would not do what they were told to do or even tried to correct the problems that they had.

I would sit and think, why would you ask that question and get the answer and then totally disregard their advice and still cry about not getting a shot! No it’s not easy to get the shot and it is even harder to make the cut. But if your in the business and that’s even close to your goal, at least take the advice and try and make yourself look like you deserve a shot! I would watch the workers take the advice and do absolutely nothing with it. Rodney would tell them about their gear for example, get gear that makes you look like a professional wrestler. And the excuses would start, its exspensive, I got a kid and a wife I can’t afford it. I don’t get paid enough to buy gear like that! Guys and gals I understand that the equipment is expensive and that the gear that you wear can be expensive but if you want to be professional, one big step would be to look professional. Purchase good gear, take care of your gear, wash your gear, and look like a professional wrestler. Rodney would also tell the guys to work on their bodies. From lifting weights, eating right, and getting a tan all of these things are part of looking like a professional wrestler. As a professional wrestler you should be larger-than-life, you should not look like you just came out of the crowd.

Sad to say but it is true if you look like a professional wrestler and you do have the look that they’re looking for, you can be on camera making a lot of money and not be able to work in the ring. There have been guys who have made millions of dollars being a professional wrestler and they know 4 moves. Rodney told me one time that in the WWE it’s all about the 12 in square. He put his hands up in a square formation and put it in front of my face, this is the way directors do actors to simulate what their face would look like on camera. If they can sell your face they will put you in the ring and make you a professional wrestler. But keep in mind with the exception of a few most of those workers did not stay in professional wrestling their goal was to go on and become an actor to be in the movies. But knowing how to wrestle and being a good worker will also put you in the ring and it will put you in the ring a lot quicker. Being a good worker will almost always guarantee you a spot in the ring and longevity in this business.

Learning the business and learning more than just the moves in the ring is also a very important part of getting your shot at the companies like the WWE and TNA. I know one thing that has always bothered me and I know it bothered Rodney when he was booking for the RWA, was workers that did not understand what their role was and what they were supposed to do. Workers, who had been in this business for several years and had no knowledge of psychology, no knowledge of telling the story, they have not been trained correctly have not learned any psychology all. You have to know and understand what makes a baby face a baby face. What makes a heel a heel. There are things that a baby face has to do in the ring and out of the ring to make him or her a good baby face. There are things that a heel has to do in the ring and out of the ring that makes them a good heel.

It is the job of each and every worker to tell the story in that ring and make it believable for the people in the crowd. The people who buy tickets to independent wrestling shows truly want to believe that what is going on in the ring is real. That is where looking like a professional wrestler acting like a professional wrestler comes in to play. You want to make sure every time you come to the ring every time you have a match whether you win or whether you lose, that no one in that crowd thinks they could even come close to competing with you. You have to put your self on a level that seems almost impossible for the average guy to attain. And at the same time you have to put your opponent on that same shelf.

You have to get yourself seen by more people than just the people in your local town. You will have to travel and go to other promotions and work for them and be seen in other areas. The thing you need to remember is when you do that you never know who’s going to see you or who’s going to work with you who will be able to help get you to where you want to be. Always keep your ears open and your mouth shut especially when you’re around veterans in this business. You have to be able to market your self you need to get some good professional 8 x 10 shots of you in action and just a still shot of you to sell. To be honest you will make more money selling your pictures and gimmicks then you will off the door. Make people want to see you make people want to come and watch you wrestle. If you can put people in the crowd that will get you noticed very quickly.

These are some of the things you have to do in order to get a shot at what we call the “Big Time.” Sometime when you are watching the WWE or even TNA, watch the mid-card guys if you have TiVo or DVR when a mid-card guy comes out pause it. Look at that person then compare yourself to that person what does he or she have that you don’t. Compare the way you look, your hairstyle, your tan, your body build, the way that person walks and presents himself or herself. I guarantee you that same person when they are in an airport, shopping mall, or restaurant, they get noticed just like they do when they’re on TV. You have to make yourself stand out and stand out from the crowd, there has to be something different about you that makes people want to notice you. That is why at the beginning of this blog I spent 3 paragraphs on the way you should look. It is a very important part of this job, you have to look different, you have to look better than the average guy in the crowd. After all you are a professional wrestler, bigger than life almost a superhero. Look like it and act like.

Even if you’re not going to try to get to that level everything that was said in this blog will still set you apart from the average worker in the independent wrestling circuits. It will get you booked more often and it will get you booked in more places. And hopefully it’ll make you more money. Now these are just some of the things that I learned from 2 people who had their opportunity and made the most of it.

Frank Martin


About frankbigmoneymartin

Retired business man, I have owned a number of businesses including a Professional Wrestling company. I have been around and involved with wrestling for 30 years. I enjoy the art of wrestling and the art of the business.

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