The T-Bone Effect: RAW Review and Rating


Last nights show began with and ambulance promo from the buildup of the Elimination Chamber PPV. I must say I always love the artwork of the promos from the WWE Production Staff. Now with that being said, I don’t like a lot of promos and little wrestling. After the opening ambulance promo, we the. Go to the Bella Twins talking to Eve Torres about her turning on Zack Ryder and about to turn on John Cena. Cena would be there to hear her whole plan.

After that promo, we would see John Cena take to the ring to apparently do a promo from the ring only to be interrupted by Eve. She tries to explain, blah blah blah, eventually #hoeski was trending on twitter. Eve after being called some non-PG names she’s escorted by WWE officials back to the back in a emotional state.

Finally we get to our first match, Sheamus VS Mark Henry. I thought the match was averagely entertaining, but could have been a bit more fast paced. Sheamus would win via pin fall. 3/5

We would see ANOTHER promo with RAW Interim GM, Johnny Ace, talking about two brands, one GM. Eventually they get to a Battle Royal idea. Five contenders from each brand. The winner would face WWE Champion CM Punk at WrestleMania.

Our second match of the program would be a tag team bout as R-Truth & Kofi Kingston would take on the WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico in a non-title match. This would be another average match, good but not great. Winner: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston 3/5

WWE would announce Ron Simmons as next inductee for the Hall of Fame. Congratulations from us at The T-Bone Effect for his induction.

We then go to the back with an interview from Chris Jericho the Chamber match and how he was not technically eliminated.

Third match would David Otunga with Johnny Ace VS Eziekel Jackson with Teddy Long. This match could have been a lot better considering the size and fitness of both superstars. Otunga would take the win in a short lived match. 2/5

We see a promo of HBK talking about Triple H taking on the Undertaker at WrestleMania. The Undertaker would take to the ring for a promo. He would deliver a not so intimidating speech to Triple H asking for a match. Triple H would eventually say yes but only if it was a Hell in a Cell match. The Undertaker would pat him on the shoulder as if accepting the terms.

This next match infuriated me. The World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan would take on Santino. This was the shortest match of the night and destroyed everything Santino had did the night before on the Chamber PPV. Bryan would win the match by submission. 2/5

We would come back to a Divas tag match with the contenders already in the ring. The Bella Twins would take on Aksana & Kelly Kelly. Awful match. 1/5

Cena would yet again come to the ring for a promo this time to talk about The Rock. He delivered a powerful promo that got his message across. A lot of believability in the promo which should have drew in the fans.

We then took to the Main Event for the 10-Man Battle Royal. Here are the contenders in order of elimination:
1st Khali
2nd Miz
3rd Wade Barrett (Injured)
4th R-Truth
5th Kofi Kingston
6th Dolph Ziggler
7th Santino
8th Cody Rhodes
9th Big Show (With the help of Rhodes)
Winner: Chris Jericho

This match was actually pretty good, even tho Barrett separated his elbow and Ziggler ate a piece of the announce desk. Jericho would be seen checking on Barrett on camera to the referee. 3/5

I was very disappointed that there were 10 promos excluding intro and hall of fame video package, but only 6 matches. Sometimes less isn’t more.

Show Rating: 2/5



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