All-Star Wrestling Federation Results and Write Up for 2-25


If you followed us on twitter Saturday night you may have seen our tweet about a fan being attacked by a wrestler. These types of incidents can hurt a promotions reputation. The fan was a student from Harding University and was being taunted by the worker. The fan then crossed the security rail and was struck repeatedly with forearms across the back and ribs. The fan never struck the worker before the attack began. The fan would then attempt to get back on the other side and succeed. He would THEN be ejected by the one and only member of security. He would eventually be let back in after being explained why he was attacked by the worker who struck him.

Now the blame certainly does not fall on the worker. He did what any worker has and should do when a fan steps into our domain. The blame lays rested on the promotion, it’s security (1 guy), and the referee. The security, a disabled man, couldn’t have done anything to begin with. The referee should have stepped in between the worker and the fan with the absence of the security guard. The promotion should have made sure the announcers, at every show, remind the fans not to touch the talent or cross the rails. So a lot of blame can be passed around equally.

Here is the official statement released by the ASWF:

“The fan last night that crossed the guardrail should have not done so. Crossing the rail and attacking the wrestlers only leaves them the option to defend themselves. The security and referee did the correct thing by escorting the fan out of the building. After the show the fan talked to the wrestler and apologized for what had happened.”

Melanie Hall
ASWF Public Relations

I totally disagree with the statement released by this company. First of all the fan never attacked the wrestler and all he did was cross the rail. Second if the promotion was truly professional the security would consist of more than just one man, and have acted sooner not allowing the fan to cross. The fan was taken to see the worker at the workers request. As far as I know, things were resolved.

Now for the results and rankings of each match. Keep in mind these are opinions and we have no previous knowledge of story lines whatsoever. Enjoy!

At the start of the show there were approximately 200 people in attendance 103 of them were from Harding University. Before the show began there were heels shaking fans hands, which is a bad move!

The show would open with Double J and Biscuit at the announce desk. Neither one were dressed professionally damaging their credibility. Double J would then ask for security to bring forward the “National Anthem Flag” A promo would take place with the Lethal Legion about Demon X being injured last week at their hands. Rickey Rowland would take to the ring dressed as Demon X. Rowland would lay down in an unofficial match to be defeated by ASWF Champion Reggie Montgomery.

1st Match: One Fall
Reggie Montgomery vs Carlton
I’m not sure if that was his actual name as the announcer mic was so muffled you couldn’t understand him at all. there were times Carlton would not sell certain strikes. Match went way too long for an open match. Reggie Montgomery would win via pin fall after interference from Team VD. 2/5

2nd Match: One Fall
TJ Wells vs Panthro
Again not sure if his name is Panthro, because of audio. Enforcer would come to ringside to watch. Panthro would attempt a super kick to Wells and would miss by a mile, TJ would sell anyways. Winner Panthro by pin fall. This match was not good at all. 1/5

3rd Match: One Fall
Lee Michaels vs Boss
This match began with Lee calling out his opponent in a promo. First off this match should have been a squash match and lasted two minutes, tops. Lee would attempt a sleeper hold on his 7’2″ opponent and would botch it at first. Boss would end with his finisher, the Boss Bomb and win. Boss seems like a solid guy, but wasn’t able to show his true abilities because of his smaller opponent and unusual booking. 1.5/5

4th Match: Handicap Match
Morgan Williams vs Team VD
This is where the incident with the fan took place. The setup to the match was that Morgan’s opponent skipped out and was not there tonight. The match would be interrupted by Jon Alan and Mike Anthony by attacking Team VD. The ref would see the attack but would raise Williams hand in victory. The match had some issues that revolved around the interference and unprofessional actions after the match. 2.5/5

Athena Eclipse, Commissioner, would make match Jon Alan vs Mike Anthony. The commissioner/promoter/owner should always dress in business attire, she was not. Please take this as advice, drop the manager gimmick while you are commissioner. Dress as the part you play, it means the difference between a professional and well an unprofessional.

5th Match: One Fall
Jon Alan vs Mike Anthony
I felt the match started out slower than it should have. There were a few botches that were noticeable by all. Crowd was hot during this match. Great high impact moves. The match time was over 20 minutes. I felt it was too long and should have been five minutes shorter. Jon Alan is winner, another interference from Mark Wolfe and Joshua Cross, which also took too long. 3.5/5

6th Match: One Fall
Cody Only vs Rik Burton w/ Athena Eclipse
This started out as a classic heel dominated match. It would pick up towards the end. A suplex from Cody Only almost resulted in Burton landing on his neck. Wasn’t one of their better matches. This match should have been third or fourth. Winner Rik Burton. 2.5/5

7th Match: 4-Way Ladder Match for United States Title
Ray Ray vs X-Kaliber vs Deadly Dale vs Seth Sabor(C)
A great match from all four participants. A lot of action in and out of the ring. Crowd was the hottest during this match and really reacted to big moves. Ray and X-Kaliber would both have a hold of the title and fall, but the title would slip away and land in the hands of Seth Sabor for the win. 4/5

The show was not worth the seven dollars charged at the door. They had signs stating that they had to raise ticket prices because of the Athletic Commission. I was disappointed at the set up of the matches. Some appeared to be thrown together without prior planning. I did enjoy getting to speak to some old friends and talked to those whom were acquaintances. Below are some pictures from Reasons Family Photography from the incident that night. You can view all of that nights pictures in the link provided below.




Reasons Family Photography

A few tips to run in scenarios. If your not dressed out in professional attire, suit and tie or shirt and tie no jeans, then stay in your gear if your going to be used again later in the show. Jeans and a t-shirt look awful and unprofessional. You need to stand apart from the crowd if you dress like them they will think you are one of them. Always do audio checks before the show to ensure that the microphones for promos and ring announcers will be clearly heard and not muffled. Promotions should never have commentary over the PA it takes away from the match. The talent SHOULD be good enough to tell the story in the ring without your help. If your announcing over the PA, shame on you.

Overall show rating: 2/5



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  1. This was well done Terrence. I was going to write about this but you beat me to it.

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