​​​​​Gimmicks and How to Use Them by Dustin Ring

Dustin Ring comes to us with this special guest article. This article is the opinion of its writer. Enjoy!

Hello everyone. Some friends. Some acquaintances. Some enemies. Btw, if you’re an enemy, you’re probably a goof. Anyways, I would like to thank everyone for stopping and taking a read at what I have to say. My very first column is going to be on “Gimmicks and how to use them”. A lot of people use gimmicks for many different reasons. I see a lot of really really BAD and childish gimmicks locally. There are only a few gimmicks in the area that get over; and stay that way.

First thing is first. Me being a huge gimmick myself as the vampire “The Baron Malkavain.” I take gimmick usage serious, and at times….personal. A gimmick takes a ton of thought and work. I see a lot of “workers” at shows that will just slap on a mask because they don’t want to be seen. They’ll wear a wife beater, and a pair of long, pleather pants and a crappy Rey Mysterio mask. I’m so sick of seeing this! I’m also very sick of seeing people that will live the gimmick in the building, but then is seen outside mingling with fans after the show. SETH KNIGHT!

To be a professional wrestler, with a gimmick, you need to take advice and criticism from others. First, if I had never listened to anyone, I’d just be a good looking guy with leather pants and fake vampire teeth. LOL! But, after a few years of polishing, and some very good advice, I defined the gimmick to a different level. Instead of walking to the ring and raising my arms like every wallflower heel in the back, I crawl to the ring…almost slither if you will. I don’t stand on the apron to go through the middle rope…I crawl under the bottom. I don’t go from turn buckle to turn buckle to get some toothless crowd pops. Screw the crowd. WORK THE GIMMICK. I hang upside down and sleep in the corner until my opponent shows. Some of those are my own ideas; some are others. Put it all together…and it WORKS! Wrestling is about pleasing the crowd. The crowd doesn’t want a friendly vampire. They want to hate it. And a lot of what I see is heel gimmicks striving to be a baby face for a pop.

Gimmicks do come in all shapes and sizes. But I do feel that “some people” use a gimmick as a way out. They look at themselves, say hey ……I don’t want to be shirtless or look like a wrestler, so I’ll just put on a jump suit, drench myself in water for absolutely no reason – just so the boys can slip and break a wrist – and do a gimmick where I have to show zero emotion, zero athleticism, and zero charisma. It’s just a cop out. Anyone can do that! And in towns like D-burg and Newbern, etc…everyone does. Just go to one of their shows….I mean gatherings.

If you’re going to create a gimmick, it has to be you. I’ve always loved vampire movies and would daydream all day about how cool it would be to fly and be unstoppable. And in wrestling anything can happen. Why not? I bleached my hair. I spent MONEY! I researched and learned everything about vampires. I watched movies, read books. You name it. Hell, the reason my name is so weird is because it dates back to the 1700’s when people actually believed in vampires.
Everyone wants to be popular with the fans for some reason. I don’t understand. Being friends with fans makes you…..a fan. They learn how you truly are, and that it’s a work. Word spreads. Soon, the whole building will know you had a conversation with that fan. Especially with facebook, twitter, and country folks favorite, MySpace. Word gets around. If I was really a REAL vampire, would I be adding fans to my facebook? I have ZERO fans on my facebook. If you want to promote your gimmick, create a fan page. Update it weekly. But don’t be a Chris Lexx or SYN and let the world know you don’t have a single dollar to your name or that you can’t get a girlfriend. Be a PROFESSIONAL.

BE your Gimmick! If you live in po dunk towns where the show is being run, you better be prepared to encounter fans in public places. When I worked in Ripley and lived in D-burg for a minute, the only place I wouldn’t go with my vamp fangs was the gym. Everywhere else, they were in. I would HATE to lose some fans belief in me because I ran into them at Kroger and they saw that I had no teeth and was wearing sweatpants and flip-flops. Be the professional you claim to be. I’ll call out Precious on this one. Or even OZ at ….can’t believe I’m going to say this….FTW. They have gay gimmicks; act gay, talk gay, walk gay. But I’ve heard Precious from my own ears deny his being gay to a fan. That would be like me going to a fan, pulling out my teeth and saying, SEE!!!! NOT REAL!!!

Another example. Motley Cruz. Love him to death. Heck, he trained me. When I first saw him I was so intimidated. I was afraid when I met him at training the day after the show because his gimmick is, well, he’s just a bad***. Then I see his face all over the news,for something I will not mention. He was wrestling not long after. Now when I look at him, the bad is all I see. No longer is he that BA I used to think he was. No disrespect. Just the truth.

Last but not least, if someone gives you advice. TAKE IT! This is pro wrestling. Not MMA! You can’t just go in and squash someone that looks better than you. And if someone tells you that, you better take the advice! SHOOT! TAKE ADVICE! It’s the only way you can better yourself.

A review.

Be the gimmick. Inside the ring, outside the ring, and on the web. Or just do us all a favor and go somewhere.
Research your gimmick. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a shoot wrestler gimmick, and the guy didn’t even wrestle in the amateurs. Just a turd in a punch bowl…
Don’t do a gimmick because you are ashamed of who you are. Be you. And if you are trying to think of a gimmick for yourself, you’ve already waisted too much time. Your gimmick is you! Perfect example. KILLER NICKLES! He’s himself. Just a crazy killer!. LOL! And he looks and talks like that’s what he wants to do. KILL!

I hope everyone enjoyed this. And if you didn’t, it was probably because I was talking about YOU!

-Dustin Ring


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  1. This blog is SPOT ON! I saw Dustin 4th in the Forrest in 2008 if my memory serves me right. At that time I really didn’t care for the gimmick but it sounds like the gimmick has evolved like it should have. Your observations in this blog are very good! Great Job!

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