Harvey Wippleman responds to his HOF Induction


Harvey Wippleman (aka: Downtown Bruno)

Greetings to Terrence and everybody else involved in confirming me as the initial inductee of the sites Hall of Fame.
It’s been an overwhelming couple of years…for the first 29 or 30 years of my career…NOTHING, but all of a sudden in the past several years, I’ve been named Referee of the Year on 3 separate occasions from RRO and WNC. I’ve been named by the WWE as one of the Top 25 Managers of all Time. I’ve been honored as a legend by the Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas. I’ve been honored as a Memphis Wrestling legend, added to the ASWF Hall of Fame, nominated as Announcer of the Year, and basically, only the WWE honors await…you never know!!! Thank you for honoring me for the site. I guess once you are off tv for years on end, absence makes the heart grow fonder….but, just because my WWE duties are 100% behind the scenes, not counting an occasional old school appearance or what have you, don’t count me completely out of the picture. I still make occasional in ring and ringside appearances for Bill Dundee and Randy Hales great PowerPro Wrestling in Ripley, TN and the great TCW promotion in western Arkansas ,as well as if and when N.E.W.ever re-starts its engines, I will be right back there in the saddle. Thanks again, and GOD bless!!!

– Downtown Bruno


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