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I read (and The Rock talked about on RAW) that he is getting “heat” backstage by the other boys in the WWE. What? Really? Do they realize who they have heat with? This is The Rock. He can come and go as he pleases. He can come back and main-event Wrestlemania, if that’s what Vince McMahon and The Rock want to do. The Rock was a significant driving factor during the time when RAW was drawing 6s, 7s, 8s. The boys nowadays can’t reach a 4.
In fact, the boys that work this ‘Mania should thank The Rock. This could very well be one of the most watched Wrestlemania shows of all-time. So, I’ll do what they SHOULD do and say, “Thanks, Rock.”

For a brief moment on Monday night’s RAW, I thought that MAYBE the heat between John Cena and The Rock was a shoot, but then I realized it’s all a work. However, these guys are just really good at what they do. I’ll tell you where I thought that maybe this was a bit of a shoot — or at least a worked shoot: when Cena mentioned the writing on The Rock’s wrist, writing I myself didn’t notice until it was pointed out by Cena. Would they work a diss like that which takes away credibility from The Rock? It wouldn’t surprise me if Vince McMahon had The Rock write stuff on his wrist and had Cena deliver the diss. While Rock may have had the “last say,” Cena’s words were much more memorable. The debate will rage: “Was it a work or a shoot?” and I will say this: “Excluding injuries, everything is a work.” These two are selling the idea that they do not like each other, and people are buying.

I will say that I enjoyed the promo for the most part, but it was just like every other promo these two have had. Rock rips Cena for a while, then Cena comes out and rips Rock. It’s the same schtick. Nothing more should have been expected, and I didn’t expect much more. It was all about Twitter and what Rock could get trending. So, what’s next? Is every appearance by The Rock from here until Wrestlemania going to be a “Twitter promo”? Will it be who can diss each other the hardest while also breaking down the “fourth wall” promo? The Rock and John Cena need to come to blows before Wrestlemania — or do they? Maybe not…

I’m not going to be naive and stupid enough to sit here and say, “They’re not selling pay-per-views!” The people that will buy John Cena vs. The Rock have already made up their mind that they are going to buy it or not. It will be exactly what the WWE is telling you it will be: “the greatest match in history” … until next year.

Eve is much hotter as a heel but so is every Diva, so give me something more, sweetheart.
Chris Jericho looks every bit of 41.
Thank God Kofi and “partner A” didn’t win the tag titles. I insist that someone in the WWE read my column from last week or at least, is somewhat intelligent in regards to re-establishing the tag team titles as more than large pennies. They established the current tag champs as just that — CHAMPS. Congrats, Epico & Primo, and oh yeah, I see you, too, Rosa Mendes.
Cody Rhodes and Big Show at ‘Mania? Please, no.
Sheamus is getting established as a legit contender for Daniel Bryan’s title, but then again he did win the Rumble, so he’s already been established. I don’t buy into that “they’re building him nicely” stuff.
Will there be a “Money in the Bank” match or a Team Laurinaitis V Team Long match? I doubt they can have both.
Overall this RAW gets 2 ½ stars out of 5.

And that’s just my opinion
By Ford Denny



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