Should Announcers have Nicknames or Gimmicks? Issue 25


Hello readers! Thanks for stopping by yet again here at The T-Bone Effect, it’s been a busy week for us reaching record hits in one day and one month. This issue we are going to talk about the topic of “Should Announcers have Nicknames or Gimmicks?”.

This topic came about here a couple of weeks ago and really didn’t see the need to touch on the topic at that point. However on twitter the user @IndyMania brought up the exact question that I had pondered about, and he bring up a good question. First let’s take a look at some answers to that question from workers across the country.

“It’s one thing for the “host” to announce the as “The voice of…” but no need for a nickname. That’s stupid.”
-Adam Testa
Ring Posts Writer
The Baltimore Sun

“absolutely not. No announcer should be more over than any in ring talent”
– Dan Rackley
Philadelphia, PA

“I’ve ring announced for a long time, and it would be a major breach of wrestling etiquette to nickname myself”
– Jeff Gorman
Former ROH Announcer

Now these are just a few of the comments received. I want to start off by saying that if your wanting to give a nickname to yourself for the purpose of having a gimmick, then don’t. We will use myself as an example. I was given the nickname T-Bone in high school when I played basketball. This nickname is something that carried over into the real world. My full time jobs and eventually the wrestling business. Now I did use the nickname as a commentator, but in a formal way and not as to push a gimmick. People just found it easier to call me by my nick name than by my first.

However the topic was ring announcers, in my opinion ring announcers should not have a nickname. They are the lowest part of the totem pole in a sense of interaction with the crowd. They do the introductions and winners and that’s all they do. Commentators, or sometimes referred to as announcers, sometimes have them but should not push them as a gimmick.

Commentators should also be formal, for example: “Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of New Experience Wrestling, I’m T-Bone Terrence Ward, my commentating partner is out….” Nicknames can help the audience to embrace certain commentators or announcers but while also keeping it professional.

When you then add, The best wrestling announcer in world, followed by your name, then you are creating that gimmick. Something that is creating that gimmick, which is not good wrestling etiquette. So in closing nicknames in my opinion can be used by commentators in limited aspects, but gimmicks should never be used. Ring Announcers should never have either a nickname or gimmick. Some of you will say, what about Howard Finkel?

Well when your working for the WWE and they give you a nickname that’s a different story, but 99% of the workers that are reading this are not working for any of the big league companies. So it’s safe to say you work for an Indy company. If your given that nickname and/or asked to run with it by the company then in that aspect it would be okay in my opinion but on a limited scale.

Below are some more comments from our readers some of which I agree with others not:

“I don’t think they should. Nor should referees. The focus should ALWAYS be on the talent. Announcers & referees don’t need “gimmicks”. It takes away from the wrestlers, managers, etc. If a nickname is given by an announcer, etc., it’s ok I guess. But Howard Finkel didn’t give himself “The Fink”, nor did Jim Ross give himself “Good Ol JR”. PLUS, they were in the business for SEVERAL YEARS (2 decades, purhaps), not 15 minutes. They knew their roles and were professionals. They had no need to be someone they weren’t. The word “Ego” comes to mind when thinking about this topic. Announcers’ jobs are to ENHANCE the talent and to assist in getting the talent over (in a subtle way), not get themselves over.”
– IndyMania
@IndyMania on twitter

“If it fits and isn’t force fed, yes. For example “The Fink”. A good ring announcer can really give a “big match” feel.
– Ian Osborne
Emerald Isle, NC
@TheKingofOz on twitter

“Ring announcers should have show names it’s those little things that separate a slapped together show n an organization”
– Robert Brinsfield
@devestationU on twitter

“Not really I feel like they are not talent and should not have a gimmick. If someone says Jerry Lawler has a nickname as “The King”, I would tell them that he was an in ring performer and now a commentator. That carried his nickname from wrestling into commentating. I agree somewhat with Frank, but don’t try to make a gimmick if it doesn’t fit.”
– Chris Stryker
The T-Bone Effect Writer

“If it fits the person and doesn’t make them sound like a worker!”
– Frank Martin
The T-Bone Effect Writer

“Sure. If its given to them. “The Fink, Good Ole JR”
– Cody Melton
@CodyMelton1 on twitter

We will post more comments as they come in!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Unless people give you one or you earn one, don’t use it. Short and sweet and gets to the point.

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