After reading Dustin Ring’s column I then decided to also do a type of gimmick blog and talk about “what happened to your dream of being a Professional Wrestler”…….. blog…….. When I was young and when I was laying in bed after watching RAW is WAR or Monday Night Nitro I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do with my gimmick. I remember picking out my costume, my slogans, my name, my music, the way I walked and talked, and my finisher and I remember being so excited to be my own unique character…….To me it was an escape from reality to be able to live (in your imagination) as a super hero. I loved the idea of being able to create who I wanted to be……. I take a TON of pride in my wrestling gear, how I present myself, I always try to be Professional and I want to come across as being SUCCESSFUL NOT only in the wrestling world but in the REAL world! Due to the social media of Facebook, Myspace (even though nobody uses it anymore), twitter, and any other social media tool…… we as workers of this business have now been opened to the public. This honestly has hurt our image as a “worker” in this business! What HAPPENED to your dream?

I know that your dream to be a Professional Wrestler was not wearing a wife beater to the ring or not owning a pair of tights……. Why can’t you atleast try and LIVE that dream AND if not for the fans, just do it for yourself! Wrestling here in Arkansas has somewhat became terrible. There are some really good talented workers here in Arkansas that are stuck working people that look terrible and working workers that can’t even work. To me that is not fair for the workers who TRY….. I mean for example in Arkansas ANY regular JOE can go to the Arkansas State Athletic Building and get an application, fill it out, pay 20 dollars and now by the state of Arkansas……. They are Professional Wrestlers……. I think that is a slap in my face and is absolutely ridiculous. I didn’t spend time tearing down rings, getting a hot dog for PO, driving hundreds of miles for nothing, losing match after match, getting my body bruised and hurt just for some regular person to come walking into wrestling bc they think they can be a “Superstar” I think that there should be NEW qualifications on getting Licenses in this state…… like a drug test, background check and then a knowledge test of basic wrestling moves. (Professional Wrestling is NOT a given right it is EARNED Privilege) I mean if you are to old and “broke” to take a back drop…… then get the hell out of the business, if you can’t take a suplex…… get the hell out of the business….. if you look like a terrible worker EVERY match….. GET…… OUT….. OF…… THE…… BUSINESS…..! You are hurting my credibility and EVERYONE else’s who has busted their ass to try to make it and be Professional!

I know there are a good group of workers out there who take pride in their craft, or their body’s, or the wrestling gear and how they look to the “fans”…… THAT IS WRESTLING….. NOT when someone can’t afford to buy tights and boots…… here is my advice……… if you can buy drugs, alcohol, cheeseburgers, and lottery tickets…… then you can save your money up to buy some gear and LOOK Professional! If you do NOT have a job, then get you lazy ass up and get one because I am tired of seeing bums like you walk in the locker room and look like crap! What’s really bad is when I have seen guys that have terrible gear that actually can work descent and I have seen guys with GREAT gear that is NOT Professional that work like CRAP (Wild Bill). I just have so much pride and passion for what I do and I do NOT understand why other workers are not like ME…. I do not know how workers can be just ok going out and calling themselves “SUPERSTARS” while wearing Shorts, Tennis Shoes, Wife Beaters, Shirts, Army Boots, etc…… (I know some worker out there who is guilty of this will say “Well John Cena wears shorts and tennis shoes…..”…….. my answer to that is “HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES IT AND THAT IS WHY IT IS UNIQUE AND FITTING FOR HIM…. PLUS I AM SURE HIS SHOES, CUSTOM SHORTS, KNEE PADS, WRIST/ARM BANDS….. COST MORE THAN YOUR TRASHY GEAR”….) In my opinion that is TRASHY AND PATHETIC!

Now about a few gimmicks……. Dustin said it perfect about studying and doing research for a gimmick and becoming a gimmick….. Some people say “What’s the point…. Everyone knows wrestling is fake”….. YET THEY STILL PAY FOR A TICKET!!!!!! If you don’t do it for the fans then do it for yourself! I could not do anything half ass and it baffles me that ANYBODY else would! Short and SWEET…… THERE DOES NOT NEED TO BE ANYMORE HILLBILLY, BIKER, HARDCORE, MILITARY, OR GANGSTER Gimmicks….. They have ALL been over done and NOT many of them were even Successful. So please STOP being lazy and try and bring back wrestling to the world with fun and unique gimmicks or atleast try and be Professional with your gear, how you present yourself, and how you act outside the ring. I know Professionalism is Dying in the world of wrestling BUT I am ready to change it! I just want to see people BELIEVE in the product that they are trying to sale to the audience (their gimmicks) bc if I had HOBO Randy dressed in rags come and talk about how he ran his own business and he was a millionaire and if I invested 10,000 dollars into the same business he is in…….I would be a millionaire too….. I am pretty sure that I would walk away NO run away and laugh and NEVER take him serious again! It’s all about Image and Professionalism! Where DID your dream go? Are you living the gimmick of who you really want to be?

The Stryking Image” Chris Stryker


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  1. When developing my “character” (which is mostly ME turned up to the highest volume) as a manager, I asked myself “Do I want to look like nearly every other manager on the indy scene in my area? Do I want the fans to say remarks like ‘Oh, that guy is just a manager. He’s noone special.’ (Therefore, tagging those I manage with a ‘not-so-special’ stigma.)” My answer, of course, was “No. I’m someone special. I’m a big deal! So are the men I manage. WE WILL BE REMEMBERED!” Yours Truly, Larry Lawson is a manager who golfs every chance he gets. He carries (and uses, when necessary) a golf club to the ring. So, therefore, I’ll wear a suit & tie when walking my charges to the ring, right? HELL NO! I want to stand out! I want to be remembered by the fans. And believe me, I DO stand out (some say like a sore thumb LOL). I AM remembered by fans. So are my charges. Fans, especially small childen, may not necessarily always remember me by name, but they ALWAYS remember “that annoying golfer guy”. Why? How could you not remember the loud-mouthed, golf club swinging, manager of champions who swears by wearing argyle sweater vests (that sometimes have rhinestones on them), plaid shorts, argyle socks, and sequinned Chuck Taylor sneakers with old-school 80s-style fat shoe laces? EVERYONE REMEMBERS Yours Truly! It’s been well worth the hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars I’ve spent on my attire.(I’m up to a dozen different outfits now.) They also remember the men I manage: the “German Menace”, the “Illusionist”, and Edwin, who is ABSolutely obsessed with his 6-pack and not being a “jelly belly” (hence his name ABSolutely Edwin). The bottom line is, if you want to be successful in wrestling, or any business for that matter, you have to stand out. You have to be different. You have to take pride in yourself. YOU MUST BE PROFESSIONAL. Hmmm… we are talking about PROFESSIONAL Wrestling, right?


    Yours Truly, Larry Lawson
    Manager of Champions and
    Leader of the ArgyleXpress

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