There’s talk of some other talent departing TNA soon, although we haven’t locked in and confirmed any names right now.

UNA Mobile Transformation LLC filed a lawsuit against TNA on 3/1 in the United States District Court of Delaware, alleging that the company had violated their patent and trademark on how advertisements are delivered via TNA videos. Based on my understanding after reading the filing, UNA is stating that they created and patented how the advs are displayed and delivered and TNA, specifically in a recent video on Sting on the Euroean tour, violated that. They are demanding a jury trial. TNA has yet to respond to the charges, obviously. UNA has filed four other similar lawsuits since 2012 kicked off.

I had the chance over the weekend to see the touring production “Nuclear Cowboyz”, a BMX stunt show produced by Feld Entertainment. As it turned out, the show was written by TNA writer and former WWE/ROH Producer Dave Lagana. As someone who has no understanding of that realm at all, I was pretty impressed by the production aspect of the show and the sheer insanity of the riders, who are doing insanely dangerous flips and stunts, sometimes in unison in mid-air with no netting underneath them.

The precision needed to pull this stuff off was pretty mind-blowing. What was amazing to me is that this show was pretty much a WWE version of monster truck shows, with a pretty easy storyline (in the future, two warring groups of bikers have to unite to defeat a cyborg army), lots of pyro and highspots and of course, tons of merchandise to move.

It was a pretty slick and fun two hour spectacle. The actual “story” was told through narration so that had to have been an interesting process to put it together based around the flips and highspots. They actually did a stunt with two riders on fire doing flips, which is probably the closest we’ll ever see to a “Ghost Rider” theatrical experience.

The company has released a “social media” t-shirt, where you can write in your Twitter handle on the back in marker. That’s pretty unique.

TNA is now offering Impact Wrestling episodes online via Amazon streaming for $1.99 episode. Currently only the 2012 episodes are available.

By Mike Johnson


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