Worker of the Week 3/11 – 3/17


We here at The T-Bone Effect are about helping workers to improve themselves and careers by offering constructive criticism and opinions. This weeks Worker of the Week needs no advice. He has been in the wrestling business for 14 years and gets respect wherever he goes. Here is the Worker of the Week!

“All That” Alan Steel
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Weight: 234 lbs
Height: 6’0″
Trained By: Bill ‘Superstar’ Dundee
Years Active: 14

Alan Steel VS Tim Storm from Traditional Championship Wrestling

Steel has worked for WWE and WCW. Currently the PowerPro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and one half of the Traditional Championship Wrestling’s Tag Team Champions. You can see Steel in action Thursday night at the Raleigh Springs Mall in Memphis, TN and Saturday in Ripley, TN at PowerPro Wrestling. Promoters this man is an incredible professional and is worth every penny and more. Steel has great booking skills for any show. Promoters if you want to book Alan Steel you can book him via the email below.

Booking Info:



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  1. Thank you T-Bone effect for the kind words.

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