Workers and Merchandise


Merchandise can make you money or can leave you broke.

Merchandise is an essential part of getting a workers image and craft out into the general public for that reason it serves two purposes. It helps the worker to get his image into the public. Secondly, it helps it draw revenue that the worker might normally not get from the promoter. Merchandise can be things as little as a portrait of the talent either in black and white as a head shot or a full body shot in color. These two things can generate some revenue if marketed correctly to the fans. If you make yourself hard to get, i.e. not trying to get handshakes, fans will be more driven to want to interact with you. Where can they do that? Your gimmick table!

Announcers should always plug workers gimmick tables, because the worker may not get a decent pay out. Promoters should ensure that the gimmick tables are in a plainly viewable and easily accessible location in the building so that fans may see it. Make sure the merchandise is reasonably marked and not overpriced. Make the fans seem like they are getting a good deal, like an 8×10 portrait is only $8 if you buy one with a purchase of a DVD; if a portrait is normally $10.

Merchandise should be original and not toys, WWE/TNA/ROH merchandise (unless it’s of you), and certainly not explicit (families will not buy this for their kids, well most anyways). T-Shirts, DVD’s, pictures, and customized gimmicks with your name on it. Always figure in the cost of the product and mark the item up enough to make a decent profit, but not too much to scare them away.

Remember push your product.



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