Championship Wrestling Review from Raleigh, TN 3-15


The show was supposed to start at 7:00pm and had a late start. Crowd was nice, large crowd. The show would eventually start at 7:21pm.

Kevin Lawler open the show. Vintage montage of Dundee and Lawler. Dundee takes to the ring. Dundee book plug. Eric Wayne promo. Lawler comes out. Wayne talks about his family not being mentioned. Setup for tag match. Lawler attacked by Nikels and Dundee comes out to make the save. The opening segment was good how it was delivered, just went a little too long for my taste.

RaShard Devon and Will Gibson Referees

1st Match One Fall 30 Min Time Limit
Johnny Dotson vs Tatt2
The announcer does a double introduction didn’t understand why. Good fast paced action with a great referee. Both contenders familiar with each other and know their limits. Fans really into the match. Match wasn’t the best I have seen these two in, but was worth watching!
Winner: Tatt2
Rating: 3.5/5

2nd Match One Fall 30 Min Time Limit
Kris Lexx vs Cody Melton
Some great technical wresting not expecting alot out of Lexx but he really put some energy into it. Both men show great technical ability thru the match. Again as I said in the previous match, I have seen Melton in better matches. However, this is only the second match I have seen Lexx compete. Good match.
Winner: Cody Melton
Rating: 3/5

3rd Match One Fall 30 Min Time Limit
Alan Steel vs Matt Boyce
Two good workers I am familiar with and know. Seen Matt Boyce come a long way in this business since I broke in in ’06. Both men are excellent technicians. Matt would botch a couple of spots but make up for it. Later in the match Boyce would be sucking up all the oxygen in the building. I don’t think he was prepared physically, for this match cardio wise. However, another good math.
Winner: Matt Boyce
Rating: 3/5

4th Match Special Challenge Tag Match
Eric Wayne/Killer Nikels vs Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee
Fans go nuts for the vintage tag team. Slow paced match. Eric eats the guard rail which later he shows a nice shiner on his eye. Crowd is very into the match. They were able to tell their story in the ring. Loved watching Dundee and Lawler in this match, they along with Wayne & Nikels put on a phenominal match and blew the roof off. The crowd was pumped and didn’t hold back. A great atmosphere and the best match I have seen Lawler/Dundee in the Indy Circuit. Same goes for Nikels/Wayne. The match would have got a better rating but Dundee was a little slow in the match and the match all together went a little long.
Winner: Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee
Rating: 4/5

Dundee and Lawler were selling merchandise at their respective tables. During the intermission about 85% of the crowd vacated the building leaving just over a hundred to watch the last few matches. The intermission lasted about 30 minutes. Dundee made his final autograph session here as he is going back to the Circus to work. Had a lot of fun with him sharing some stories, especially about Bobby Eaton. This is for the friends who were with me, inside joke. Bobby Eaton, Huntsville, Alabama.

5th Match One Fall 30 Min Time Limit
Jon Michael Worthington vs Stan Lee
Both men create a great atmosphere that the fans are able to get into. Worthington is a classic heel! Both men start to show signs of fatigue a little early in the match. Not much crowd reactions towards the end. Match had a little too many rest holds in it. Slow paced. Good match though.
Winner: Stan Lee
Rating: 3.5/5

Main Event One Fall 60 Minute Match
Southern Heavyweight Championship Trophy vs Brian Christopher’s Hair
Brian Christopher vs Derrick King
Begins with a video package from last months Valentines Day themed event. The video shows Derrick and Christopher promo and Precious wanted BC to be his Valentine. Christopher obviously said no. Video Package way too long. Derrick with powder to BC before the match began. Great heel/baby match. These two worked good together. Precious/Wayne/Nikels/Steel/Lawler involved in the end spot. A wonderful match between BC and Derrick King. One of the most entertaining of the night.
Winner: Brian Christopher
Rating: 4/5

I got to say something about Brian Christopher. I have worked with him on numerous shows over the last six years. He would come in to the show late and messed up. Brian’s demons ran his life for a long time. However that is the old Brian. He has changed physically and spiritually. He is not the same man he was once before with so many addictions. I found out that he has legitimately been clean for 7 months from all past addictions, kicking his smoking habit most recently. I congratulated him on this tough accomplishment, that so many fail at trying to achieve. He looked great and I am glad to see the real Brian Christopher, sober, clean, and living the right life. Congratulations again from us here at The T-Bone Effect.

The show was a great success drawing over 500 people and a great payout for the promotion. This is the third event that I am aware of that Kevin Lawler has run in the Western Tennessee area. He knows what he is doing, obviously with who his father is, by booking great talent and story lines that are simple and not to complicated that someone who is a first timer at the promotion can follow along and know what is going on. Kevin showed great hospitality and respect. I was honored to be at a show that was done correctly, even though he had a late start. I want to thank all those who came out and support his show and said hello to us that night.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Overall Rating would have been higher had the show started on time and been over at a decent time.






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