FTW Wrestling Review from Newbern, TN 3-17


The show opens with the announcers welcoming the crowd to the show.

Referees Troy and Ron Bryson

Jason Reed comes to the ring for a promo. Interrupts the crowd welcome. Noticed an Eric Wayne shirt in the audience. Reed calls for Judas to come to the ring to fight him. Sarge Oriely makes his way to the ring. Reed challenges Judas again and wont leave until he comes out. Judas came out to the ring behind Reed and attacked him and the fight ensued.

1st Match: One Fall
Jason Reed vs Judas
Referee Ron Bryson takes to the ring with Sarge and starts the match. Both guys fight in street clothes. Judas hits the ring post and is injured calling the attention of workers and the extra referee to the ring. Judas is carried to the back back the workers.
Winner: No Contest
Rating: 2.5/5

Loose Cannon comes out to talk about last weeks teeth on a pole match. Shows hate towards the Tennessee fans. Calls out Jason The Brain and states the Tennessee Athletic Commission lifted his suspension.

2nd Match: One Fall
Loose Cannon with Jason The Brain vs Buckwheat
Cannon starts off strong in the match attacking Buckwheat. Cannon throws him to the outside. Weak bump to the outside. Jason Reed comes out with WD40 to reveal that he is the one that sprayed the pole in last weeks teeth on a pole match. The Kid comes out and attacks Cannon while the ref is distracted.
Winner: Buckwheat
Rating: 2.5/5

3rd Match: IIHC Title Match
Rockin Randy vs Houston (IIHC Champion)
Houston has the Country Boy gimmick seems to work for the fans. Botched a couple of spots. Randy uses a couple of classic heel moves. Both understand with heel/baby concept without overdoing it. They both pulled off some great moves. Was an average match. With the title being on the line, I wish they would have done a bit more in the match.
Winner: Houston
Rating: 3/5

Houston cuts a promo with Randy. Has a hick accent. Offers a shot at the title next week since Randys foot was on the rope at the count of three.

4th Match: Tag Team Match
Weasy & Jon Biscuit Robinson”The Swagg Boys” vs Justin Hell & Jay Rage “Raising Hell”
Swagg Boys have matching tag gear good to see them in ring gear. Raising Hell does not. Nice team work by the Swagg team. Match is slower than it should be. Both teams are in a shape to be fast paced. Fan crosses the rail after the heel announcer. Security hesitant to get her on the respective side of the rail. Hot tag made as Weasy comes in and begins to get revenge. These guys should have been much quicker in executing their moves, which would have put it at a higher rating.
Winner: The Swagg Boys
Rating: 2.5/5

Gotta admit the show is entertaining with the crowd being very dedicated to the company. Ron Bryson is a good referee despite what I have heard about him. He is by no means the greatest but he is good. The other referee is also good but has a hard time keeping a good composure, smiles way to much when confronted by the workers.

5th Match: One Fall
Big Red vs Ricky Andrews with Jason The Brain & Lollypop
I love Jason The Brain, great classic heel manager. Reminds me a lot of Jimmy Hart with the energy, minus the megaphone and outlandish suits. Shoulder tackle missed its mark but Andrews bumped anyways. Andrews over did the slap to the leg for the kick in the corner to Red. Red delivers some nice takedowns. Red with a choke slam. Match went too long.
Winner: Big Red
Rating: 2/5

6th Match: Tag Team Match
Sarge ORiely &Rickey Hayes with Mad Money Mike vs TJ ORiely & Eric Hayes
Double back body drop botched in the beginning by TJ and Eric. Match would start off good but a botch by Eric Hayes to Rickey Hayes would slow things down a bit. Stiff punch from Sarge to son TJ after blowing a spot. I could tell Sarge was not happy at the botch as TJ powders out of the ring. The match was decent despise the mistakes, and the crowd didn’t seem to notice some of the mistakes.
Winner: Sarge ORielly and Rickey Hayes
Rating: 2.5/5 Match would have been a 3 had there not been too many botches.

7th Match: Tag Team Match Inter-gender
Lil Bit &Brandon Barbwire vs Anton Leveigh & Million Dollar Baby
Lil Bit botches an early cover. I am not a big fan of women’s wrestling but these two are entertaining and are in shape. Something most female wrestlers lack. Brandon and Anton deliver very well, fast paced, and familiar with each other and it shows. Referee Ron Bryson counted the pin when Barbwires shoulders were not down, not good. Very entertaining match. Anton and Brandon stay in the ring for the most part. Nice DDT by Lil Bit to Million Dollar Baby towards the end.
Winner: Lil Bit and Brandon Barbwire
Rating: 3.5/5

Main Event
Would be a Karaoke event. Mark Justice would come to the ring with Mad Money Mike. Their opponents would be Jason The Brain and Leo the Announcer. Both teams would sing to win by fans approval.
Winner: Mad Money Mike and Mark Justice
Rating: None Needed

Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Crowd was really into the show. The overall average is based on the combination of all the matches.

Attendance: 136 paid

I want to say that even though the show didn’t do as well as it could have I spent a lot of time talking to the the guys in the locker room. Some of them are avid readers of this site, and share the some of the same opinions. The locker room and Sarge were very respectful and overly accommodating of me that night. I want to extend a thank you to the entire FTW promotion a gratitude of thanks for your hospitality. You rarely see a professional, organized, and laid back locker room any more, but here it was. Even though this show wasn’t their best, I was informed that they had an off night. We may just have to go back and do it again and see just how much better they can be. I also talked with Big Dave, the WrestlingNewsCenter.com Announcer of the Year who beat me by a 20% margin this year. He does a pretty good job, most of you know I don’t like commentary over the PA, but he doesn’t over do it and let’s the workers tell their story.



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  1. T-Bone just got to say was a pleasure to have met you. I want to say thank you for your insight and always welcome critique on my abilities. i did count a spot shouldn’t have but hey we all make mistakes. hope to see ya back soon i will hopefully have improved on my short comings.

  2. Ron,

    Thats what separates you from most people, you have identified and recognized your mistake and are willing to improve. I had a great time with you guys last night and felt at home. By my next trip I expect things will have improved.


  3. i really do have a love and passion for the business will i ever make to the wwe no.. but i dont need that confirm who i am. im proud of the award but wish i had never won. people are all about jealousy lets be real i can take that award and 2,00 and but a cup of coffee. it means something to me that the fans and workers of ftw think im deserving. lets be real all those spouting off. about our show. its all about the fans anyway right. come on all the indy shows around and your world heavyweight champion .. impressive you’ve beaten the whole world. what im saying is im a weekend ref that works a shoot job to pay the bills and on weekends i get to be a kid again. peace to you my friend and thanks again for your insight and honest opinion

  4. i have never been so happy to train for such a great company i am really looking forward to competing with some of the greatest wrestlers in f.t.w and i have a passion of one day being the xtreme champion. somesay that title isnt my speed but hell im willing to prove them wrong like it or not …. im gonna stick to a goal and ill one day be xtreme champion

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