Who Should Go? #1

I am writing this because it is about time someone says the things that many people are thinking. I know that as performers many of us love wrestling. Many of us live, breath, and bleed wrestling. We watch hours of wrestling (not including RAW/SMACKDOWN/IMPACT) but we watch the classics of the men or women that came before us. As wrestlers we ARE fans of wrestling. We are MARKS for wrestling. If you are a wrestler and CAN NOT call yourself a MARK then there is something wrong with you because the “Wrestling” world has corrupted your mind into believing that being a “Mark” is such a terrible thing…… Wrestling is a special thing for us all who are apart of it……. and…. I am tired of seeing it be destroyed.

I can NOT go anywhere without seeing someone on a card that DOES NOT BELONG! These people will be called #NeedsToGo’ers (Excluding WWE/TNA/ROH/NXT/OVW)(Mainly talking about INDY shows). I know that when I am on a card and I am sharing the locker room with a guy, that literally tells the guy he is wrestling……..”Ok, let’s keep it simple tonight, my back hurts and I don’t want to take to many bumps”…… When I hear that, I roll my eyes in the back of my head and I want to punch that “wrestler” in the face…….

What happened to wrestling matches and entertaining the fans that paid to see you……. I mean I feel that same pain in my lower back, I feel that pain in my joints, I have to go to the gym and try to stay strong, I spend Hundreds of dollars on wrestling gear, I drive hours away to barely make my money back…… So why are you being treated ANY different than me……. I have this to say to you IF you are that wrestler….. Get out of the business….. Wrestling does not NEED or WANT you anymore and people like ME or other guys that have to “Bump” our butts off for people DON’T WANT YOU HERE IN WRESTLING.

Now before anybody says “Well wait a minute…. What about Lawler, Dundee, Eaton, etc…..” Those guys have paved their way, they paved my way, and they will have paved the way of the wrestlers that comes after us! They are REAL LEGENDS in this business. The difference between Lawler and the #NeedsToGo’ers is that Lawler has literally forgotten more knowledge than MOST of those #NeedsToGo’ers have learned. “Wrestlers” are not made like Lawler anymore. Lawler don’t have to take a “bump” for a match to be entertaining. He is a Master of Ring Psychology, and he is a true Veteran of wrestling. The sad part is….. Lawler would still “bump” even though he don’t really have to…. but he does it because he knows that it is part of the way to build a match……. He knows what it takes for him to be a “Face”….. So with that being said…. It dumbfounds me, when I see a wrestler who has made NO impact in wrestling that says “I can’t bump” or “I don’t want to take any bumps”….. You people who do this are the #NeedsToGo’ers and YOU NEED TO GO!

Now, #NeedsToGo’ers ARE NOT just people who can’t bump but it is also people that Do NOT go to the gym, people who do NOT take any pride in their wrestling look (including horrid wrestling gear, a frightful look, and an atrocious attitude). #NeedsToGo’ers also applies to the people out there that is GOD AWFUL in the ring. If you have been wrestling for 8 years and still can not perform a CORRECT “Collar Elbow Tie-Up” aka “Lock up” (for you uneducated wrestlers)…… you need to be kicked in the knees till you can’t walk.

Quick story I was at a organization a few weeks ago training for the first time their…. As I was watching the other workers train I remember seeing a guy walk up to the “Veteran” there and ask them to show one of the “Trainees” how to do a Figure Four Leg Lock…… So the “Vet” when asked said “Man….. It’s been a long time since I have done that…..” (Meaning he does not know how to do one correctly)….. The Figure Four is one of the MOST famous and notable wrestling moves in the HISTORY of wrestling…… AND yet the “Vet” nor the other “workers” could not perform a Figure Four Leg lock correctly…….what is that saying……

This is exactly what I mean…. this world that I love so much has been taken over by a bunch of “Vets” and retarded “Workers”….. and it is time for you people…… TO GET THE HECK OUT of wrestling and go do something else….. NOBODY wants you here and you can help out EVERYBODY else by just leaving…..

In honor of this blog and this cause I will be doing a Top 10 list of “wrestlers”/”workers” who fit this category of people known as the #NeedsToGo’ers…… I will be asking YOUR peers of wrestling….. and I will then put THEIR results of who the TOP 10 people who need to leave the business and WHY up on this site! Sometimes it takes a wake up call for some to realize it is their time to go and for those of you out there who really have busted your butt in wrestling and is just maybe a little to old….. I am sure your peers will be easy on ya’ll because there are a lot of the pathetic no bumping, non professional looking, terrible wrestling gear wearing, mouthy know it all “Vets and Greener’s” that will be put before ya’ll. So after reading this you can comment, write me on FB, send me a text, shoot me an email, or whatever and tell me WHO you think needs to leave the wrestling business…… I will keep ALL people who submit anonymous if wanted (so if you send me a private message you will NEVER be mentioned). I look forward to hearing your reply and I will see you all with part 2 in a few days. Stryker Out!


About tsichrisstryker

My name is James Wood and I am 25 years old. I am a father, actor, Professional Wrestler, and now a BLOGGER! I have been wrestling for about 8 years total and I work under the name "The Stryking Image" Chris Stryker. My influences in wrestling have been Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and The British Bulldog (Davey). I love to do lots of things including acting, playing music, gaming, and of course anything to do with wrestling! I am a HUGE Arkansas Razorback Fan and my blood is literally Hog Positive! Welcome and Thanks for reading my Blog!

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