First EVER “Superstar Spotlight” shines on Jonathan Holt.


I am strictly speaking from my point of view about Jon but I have finally chosen a guy for my first piece…….. Jonathan Holt is a Indy worker here in Arkansas. I have had about two days to think about who I wanted to “spotlight” and I knew Jon was the guy. He is a superb talent, he is a great guy all around and he is very passionate about this business. I have known Jon since 2006 when I started off working for AAW in Ward, AR. Jon was only training then and was a ref but he quickly had a chance to work his first match….. I was actually in his first match. It was a battle royal. I remember seeing Jon then and thinking “Man this guy is pretty good….. he is fast as hell and he learns quick”, as a young guy trying to shine in training over all the other guys I had some stiff competition between Jon and Matt Boyce. Jon trained under Alan Steel and Dustin Starr and After AAW shut down he waited till the time was right to jump to RWA. When he made it to the RWA he began to train under Rodney Mack and Jazz and was working with a great locker room of workers. After RWA shut down, Jon went to ASWF and I again worked with him in his first ever match with ASWF. We had a tag match against Demon X and Wild Bill. Jon has basically been one of the best workers at the ASWF for years now along with Austin Lane, Mike Anthony, Seth Sabor, and Ray Ray and he continues to get better and better. Lately Jon has been working with TCW which is the MEGA DREAM show to work here in the Mid-South. He also just recently was seen on WWE Raw in a segment with Wade Barrett and Bo Dallas and honestly I dont see his success stopping there. He has so much potential and I think he is starting to make a little ripple in a big pond. I would not be surprised if in three or four years….. that he has signed with WWE or TNA!

”Competitive, and highly influential. A positive presence in any locker room…”……………. “D***, Good talent. I love being on a card with him”………… “Awesome at what he does and makes me step my game up!”……..”I would love to be able to work him”…….. “I am super proud of him and I knew that he would be at the top one day, I wish him the best”……….”Best talented worker we have”…… “Very respectful in and out of the ring. I enjoy working in the ring with him. He’s very energetic and fluid with his movements. I see bright things in his future.”….. “I think he’s a really good wrestler… very professional……. kind in the locker room… he is very willing to help anyone that is willing to learn”……

Those are just a few quotes from different workers that know Jon and as you can see…. people think very highly of Jon and there is a reason why….. because he is one of the best. Good Job Jon and I will see you soon! Stryker Out!


About tsichrisstryker

My name is James Wood and I am 25 years old. I am a father, actor, Professional Wrestler, and now a BLOGGER! I have been wrestling for about 8 years total and I work under the name "The Stryking Image" Chris Stryker. My influences in wrestling have been Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and The British Bulldog (Davey). I love to do lots of things including acting, playing music, gaming, and of course anything to do with wrestling! I am a HUGE Arkansas Razorback Fan and my blood is literally Hog Positive! Welcome and Thanks for reading my Blog!

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  1. I have had the pleasure of seeing Holt ‘live and in color’. He’s ‘legit’ alright.
    Great personality, great talent, and in phenomenal shape.
    Keep an eye out for his name. It should be getting around

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