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Good Day boys and girls welcome to the very first….. well, I dont have a name for this blog, so if anyone out there has any suggestions feel free to let me know. I’ll send you an official RBG shirt.

I guess the first order of the day can be who am I.

I started in this business in January of 1982 fresh out of high school, which makes me 35. Or there about. If the math doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it.

I started with Southwest Championship Wrestling here in San Antonio, Texas. Ive done everything from setting up the ring to promoting to selling t-shirts to passing out flyers to whatever else you can think of including refereeing and wrestling. I learned a ton while I was with that company.

When Joe Blanchard shut the doors I went on to work for the rival office, World Class Wrestling, with Mr. Blanchard’s blessing of course. I ended up in the San Antonio office ran by Fred Behrend, a one time employee of Mr Blanchard. I learned a bunch of stuff from Fred as well. Most of it not so good, but lessons none the less.

Fred Behrend tried screwing with Fritz and ended up getting shut down. I was part of that shut down when Bruiser Brody and Mark Lewin refused to do a match and when they finally did get in the ring, they killed the town with a :30 nerve hold. Yes, :30.

I guess where Im going with this is, through it all, I appreciated everything that I have gone thru. The good times and the hard times. And Im by no means saying Im rich or anything like that.

The wrestling business is so different now. Where I’m very appreciative of my time doing this, there are kids now that feel they are ‘entitled’. What they are entitled to, I have no idea.

Even something as simple as wearing the proper wrestling gear, is beneath them. I’ve heard all the excuses… boots are too expensive, they don’t feel comfortable, they slow me down, blah blah blah.

There’s an old saying, if you look like some one in the crowd, then maybe you belong in the crowd.

My first match was a last minute thing. Someone no showed and I was there. I had no boots or trunks so I was loaned some on the spot by Eric Embry and Tony Falk. I was told I would get booked when I had my own gear. In 3 weeks I had a pair of white patent leather boots from Bill Ash, and a pair of black wrestling trunks from K&H Wrestling wear. I didnt go to the mall and buy a pair of cargo shorts, I didn’t wear a wife beater, I didn’t look like a guy in the crowd.

Its just not like that anymore. In my book, its all about respecting the business. But as a reflection on the way guys look at this… its not about the wrestling business. Its all about them. I see guys look like the guy on the street, AND wrestle like a 5th grader. So they dont invest in their gear OR spend time in a ring to at least perform properly. Wow. The kick in the gut is guys want guarantees now. Earn it. Simple as that.
Now, everyone and their mother is a ‘rassler.

My solution is this… If the guy doesn’t look like a Professional Wrestler, as in proper gear, he doesnt get booked. If a guy cant perform in the ring at a certain level he doesn’t get booked. In San Antonio alone, that would eliminate all of except maybe 20 guys. Sad but true. And there are probably 150 ‘rasslers in this are alone.

There goes the pay problems, less talent out there, more money. Im sure the houses would increase, because the fans would see the difference all the way around. I have noticed, that a lot of the time, guys that don’t invest money in gear, don’t invest the time to polishing their trade. And a lot of guys that do invest money in their gear, also invest not only in the ring time, but the gym time as well.

Thats all I have for now, see ya next week.

-Rudy Boy


About Terrence Ward

I began my career in professional wrestling 2006 as a cameraman. I would pay my dues setting up rings, cleaning up after shows, and setting up anything and everything. Here we are in this present time and I am an Multi-Time Announcer of the Year with great relationships with pro-wrestlers across the nation. I strive for success and provide my opinion to help those who need it.

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