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The Straight Flush with POKERFACE

The Straight Flush with POKERFACE

What is success in wrestling?

I’m sure if I asked 5 wrestlers this, I’d get 5 different answers. Most would probably answer, Money. I really couldn’t say that would be an inaccurate statemen.t Yet I think we should look deeper. Before I even started wrestling, I thought that merely appearing on TV was being successful. Once I started wrestling, I thought wrestling for WW(F)E or WCW was a mark of success. As time went on, I thought that being a champion and making money was the measuring stick of “making it”. In my humble opinion, I’ve been a success. Wrestling has taught me so much, that I can apply a lot of it in my non-wrestling life. I’ve learned how do deal with people better. I didn’t say I was a people person, but I’ve had a chance to deal with people from all walks of life. When it comes to other business ventures, wrestling has taught me how to be my own agent and publicist. I can paint myself as a big deal. I’m not saying that I’m deceptive, but I can, very vocally and colorfully, tell people what I am, who I am, and what I can do. Wrestling has taught me how to enterprise and market myself. Seeing as how that I don’t have a multi-million dollar corporation “pushing” me, I’ve learn to market and “push” myself. I’ve accomplished almost every goal I set for myself in wrestling. I’ve wrestled for WWE on TV. I’ve wrestled almost all of my childhood idols. I’ve traveled and met different people in different towns and cities.

The biggest success I’ve had in wrestling is that I met the mother of my only child due to wrestling. I’ve also met some amazing people and built some awesome relationships because of wrestling. All of which have enriched my life in one way or another. I really couldn’t imagine my life without SOME of these people.

I’ve gotten paid to do what I love and what I do best. No, I’m not a millionaire. Not even close. I’ve learned how to make money in different aspects of wrestling. Sure making John Cena money would be nice. But other than be blowing it on food or booze, it wouldn’t wouldn’t make me happier. It would make me rich, but couldn’t enrich. Trust me one outweighs the other. And I don’t mean the money.



Smart marks: Building up or tearing down the business?

I think that we can all agree that there is a big difference between the heart and the brain. No doubt, they are each critical, and it is important to take care of each … but they’re different, and they’re important in their own way – but they’re separate, both in function and geography. Read the rest of this entry

It’s possible that I called you an idiot!

Now hold on … I didn’t call you an idiot (today), but consider that I did. How would you respond to that? Would your reaction be to retaliate and hit me with a grade school “I’m rubber, you’re glue …” offensive? Maybe you would want a little more clarification. It’s another possibility that you might dismiss the statement entirely.

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Photos from iMPACT Wrestling in Jonesboro, AR

I had the privilege to receive credentials from TNA Wrestling to shoot photos at their TV Event in Jonesboro last Thursday. I want to thank them for their professionalism, and the opportunity to work with a good group of people. Here are a few shots from the event.

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Workers Respond: Promoter’s Who don’t Pay & What Would You Do?

We have tossed the idea of tackling this issue for a long time. The article was originally going to be directly tied to an alleged incident a week ago, however it left us wondering, Does this still happen? Of course, not just here, but everywhere. So therefore some of the following submissions have directly addressed the incident and others have not. If you want your voice to be heard, email any of us contributors at the emails under the Contributors Section.

The following commentaries are from workers who are offering opinions on what they would do if exposed to situations described in the title of this article. It in no way supports or discredits any situation this article may make reference to, directly or indirectly.

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