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Workers Respond: Promoter’s Who don’t Pay & What Would You Do?

We have tossed the idea of tackling this issue for a long time. The article was originally going to be directly tied to an alleged incident a week ago, however it left us wondering, Does this still happen? Of course, not just here, but everywhere. So therefore some of the following submissions have directly addressed the incident and others have not. If you want your voice to be heard, email any of us contributors at the emails under the Contributors Section.

The following commentaries are from workers who are offering opinions on what they would do if exposed to situations described in the title of this article. It in no way supports or discredits any situation this article may make reference to, directly or indirectly.

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Nowhere so as much as in professional wrestling, which throughout the years has provided more people you hate, and people you love to hate, than any other endeavor. Nowadays, as this issue’s look at the Daniel Bryan situation attests, fans appreciate the “bad guys” more than ever. From the dawn of pro wrestling, booing one wrestler has been just as important as cheering the other. But where do they meet–when does a bad guy get so good at being bad that the fans start cheering for him? Even though some folks insist it’s a phenomenon of modern culture, investigation shows it’s always been that way. It just happens more quickly now, and for a few more “modern” reasons. And as with anything else, sometimes it just comes down to the individual.

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The BUSINESS of Wrestling

I am sure that at one time or another, as wrestlers each of us has taken a look at our pay, and based on the size of the crowd on any given night thought that the promoter had short-changed us somehow. Through a measure of crude calculations (and believe me, I have seen this done), estimated what that pay off should REALLY be. Now, before you jump to your feet and storm into the promoter’s office demanding more money, keep these things in mind.

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RWE Wrestling INCIDENT in Union City, TN

We have been silent for the last few days regarding the headline of this article. We will not be covering this story, as we are not a news site. However, there have been questions raised on how should workers react or handle a situation when it comes to not receiving a pay out. I will be gathering opinions from promotors on their opinion and sharing it here and with our friends at For up to the minute information regarding the incident and exclusive interviews, visit

Looking for Training Seminar?

Our friends at have posted information on a training seminar with former WWE Superstars Brian Christopher and Rikishi. Click HERE to get information regarding this seminar.